Art Intern

​​​​​​​As an art intern you will work in a fast paced environment creating patterns and artwork for Kohl’s private label brands. You will gain a strong understanding of each brand’s aesthetic and be able to work on a variety of different projects.

What you'll do

​​​​​​​Assist in creating and manipulating prints, yarn-dye plaids and stripes, and placed graphics

Assist the lead artist in setting up art concept boards

Participate in the research and development of seasonal trends, themes, concepts and colors

Create original graphic art from the concept direction

Present your work with research in the form of color, mood boards and collages

Collaborate with other artists and fashion designers as well as the color, trend, and buying offices

Train in 3D software, Browzwear Lotta.

This is you

​​​​​​​Undergraduate junior or senior

You have a strong artistic background and the ability to create original art in several different mediums

You know your way around photoshop and illustrator

You love to solve problems - ex. ""how can I make a floral pattern look masculine?""

The idea of typography, hand lettering, embroidery, screen printing, and seeing your art on a real garment excites you

You’re able to transform your personal style into one that compliments the total brand

You see the value in critiques - you use the feedback to make your designs stronger

    Career path  

Assistant Artist


Advanced Artist

Art Manager

Art Director 
Your major is probably something like



​​​​​​​Graphic Design

Fine Arts

Textile Design

10 week paid internship

summer housing

associate discount

paid transportation to and from work 

Apparel Design Intern  |  Home Product Design Intern

As a design intern you will work in a fast paced environment supporting all aspects of product creation for Kohl’s private label brands. You will gain a strong understanding of each brand’s aesthetic and customer, while developing the foundational design skills necessary in the apparel industry. You will be placed within a specific category or brand but have the opportunity to gain exposure to multiple areas including apparel, home, and hard home.
What you'll do

Assist in research and trends specific to category and brand.

Assist in PLM skills including vendor communication, updating BOMs, submit comments, and style uploads

Sketch designs with a focus on stitch, detail and proportion accuracy.

Build presentations in google slides to support design’s vision.

Present your work with research and application in the form of color, mood boards, collages, and original designs through AI sketches and Photoshop CADs.

Support in building design tech packs to pass to TD.

Collaborate with Merchant, Production, and Trend teams to ideate and execute styles that support the brand’s vision and strategy.

Balance the calendar with meetings and deadlines through open communication with manager.

​​​​​​​Train in 3D software, Browzwear Vstitcher. 

This is you

Undergraduate junior

Passion for design and the customer.

Can see beyond the product today and envision what it could be.

Great eye for color and trend with a strong taste level and ability to translate appropriately for the customer.

Highly self-motivated and able to ask the right questions in order to seek solutions.

Basic understanding of fabric and garment construction.

Can work well within calendar and deadlines, while using time effectively and efficiently.

Ability to share a clear point of view.

​​​​​​​Positive, approachable and enjoys collaborating.

Apparel Design Intern
Home Product Design Intern

Assistant Designer​​​​​​​

What you'll do 

Builds, creates, and updates tech packs, trim sheets, and design packages; ensures information is accurately entered into the style management system.

Reviews with Designer/Senior Designer
Supports in meeting preparation and breakdown including room set up, samples, reports, creating boards and line sheets.

Compiles market and trend research to review with Designer/Senior Designer, to gain an understanding of the brand they support, drive innovation and stay current on the competition.

Completes pre-packages as a part of the research and development process for the
Designer/Senior Designer they support.
This is you

Familiarity and moderate proficiency with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Ned Graphics, Kaledo or related program.

Previous experience in design or product accessory business and the competitive landscape.
Previous Retail Expereince
Career Path

Associate Designer


Senior Designer

​​​​​​​Design Director
Your major is probably something like

Fashion Design

Textile Design or Fibers (home areas)

Apparel Design

​​​​​​​Industrial Design (hard home areas)
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